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Turk's Spring Violet Sugar Scrub (Special Edition)

Turk's Spring Violet Sugar Scrub (Special Edition)

A moisturizing and exfoliating scrub to keep skin soft and smooth. Fresh Spring Violets from our garden and a trusted wild area. Violets have anti-inflammatory properties. This scrub has no scent added. It smells herby. No chemicals or pesticides used! Be mindful, Sunflower oil may cause tub to be SLIPPERY.

Contains: Violets(flower and leaf), organic sugar, sunflower oil(non gmo/organic).

I love seeing Violets in our garden. The cheery flower welcomes us into Spring from our cold Winter with the promise of warm days and nights, visits from bees and our animal friends.

This Special Edition batch is made in memory of our dear friend Turk. Turk was a larger than life being. We met him and his parents (Kate and Mason) on our daily walks after we lost our Peanut. Turk and his family brought us so much joy and warmed our hearts. Turk had his own battles with cancer. He was a tri-pawed dog( 3 legs). Even with 3 legs, he didn't let anything stop him. He had a zest for life and adventure. We miss him dearly. We love you precious Turkey.

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